Sierra Walton

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


Sierra Walton, born and raised in Austin, Texas, has been creating art since a young age. She began her journey by drawing and painting but found her path in graphic design and photography during high school. These mediums transitioned to become her dual major concentration at the University of Redlands.  

When Sierra wasn’t working on her art, you could find her volunteering with the REACH program on campus by helping youth in juvenile halls, alternative schools, and group homes to express their voices through writing. She began leading and coordinating the entire program during her senior year, working directly with inland empire juvenile justice community leaders and mentors.  

Her interest in working directly with her community translates into her artwork. Sierra tends to incorporate journalistic processes into her graphic design and photography, bringing to light different stories and voices. 


I have been exposed to many different religious settings and communities throughout my life. I don’t align myself with any religion or church, however, I have an interest in belief systems and learning about the different traditions. 

Being in Redlands, California churches, temples, and places of worship are on almost every street corner. The religious community is very prevalent in this area and so are the variety of Christian sects. For this book, I wanted to explore two different Christian denominations who read the same bible but openly preach different philosophies. This concept of following the same word of God but difference in interpretation is interesting to me.  

All the photos on the left side of the page are from Redlands United Church of Christ and the left side are from Hope Protestant Reformed Church. As you begin to flip through, I urge you to look closely at the photos and notice the details that hint at this concept of duality. 


My goal as an artist is to integrate graphic design, photography, and journalism to create art that sparks conversations. The design work I present showcases a wide range of skills and ideas, most geared towards communicating the individual stories behind the big issues in the world. I really enjoy being able to tell these narratives of individuals and events within my community and I hope that by doing this work, the stories I tell are brought to light.