David Hazward

Graphic Designer

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


David Hazward (He/They) started his career in art tracing out of drawing books in the library or trying to recreate what was seen in Saturday morning cartoons, anime, and cars. It's from this early love for the hobby, and encouragement from his family, that he would keep pursing it through high school where he would take a digital art class that changed the way her perceived art in the world (and really their career path.) Using the art not only to create work that speaks to his bright nature and personality, it is also applied to speak up, out, and with marginalized groups in hopes to provide a space of advocacy and support for those they love.

His work takes inspiration from streetwear, artists for change, and passionate groups such as CHNGE, Stray Vanity, Eric Hallquist, and more. His experience in graphic design spans over five years of work and includes things such as logos, brand packaging, and other creative forms of self expressions in design.


My art is made for my generation of changemakers. My passion for advocacy drives my commitment to my work. Making change in the world is something that cannot and should not be done alone. Rather, it should be something that pushes us as individuals and as a collective toward a better tomorrow. For people of all backgrounds, advocacy is best done in a spirit of comradery. Art itself is a very foundation of such a concept, and will always lead to a conversation. I want those conversations to be the groundwork of change, and that starts at the source- my work.


PROTGNST is a streetwear brand that advocates for the marginalized. It tells our stories, shows our identities, and inspires others to do the same all while speaking to who we are as individuals within the collective. The same drop, "0:0," is dedicated to anyone from a similar background to my own. One where it seems everything is pitted against us and forces us to work harder. It is with this drop that the start of something new begins. The start of a long journey to the path of success and prosperity for those who were distanced from it long before.