Zack Johnston

Graphic Designer & Marketing

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and received a B.A. in Studio Art and Business Management, with an emphasis in Marketing. A fourth generation graphic designer, my work ranges from promotional material for non-profit organizations to personal projects that expand my versatility. The work I do draws inspiration from the urban contemporary scene that I grew up surrounded by and blends that with my experiences traveling across different countries.


The goal of my art is to capture the emotional nuances that envelope a situation and articulate them into visual pieces. Emotions are dynamic and often puzzling to understand, graphically representing them can offer transparency and insightfulness. My work reflects the urban contemporary scene that I was surrounded by growing up in Los Angeles, California. Beginning at a young age, art has always been an important passion of my life and for my family, going to museums every weekend with my dad to watching my mom grow her graphic design business.

The work I have been creating recently has been highly influenced by my experiences traveling across different countries. Seeing different cultures and their visual identities so strongly on display has led my work to become increasingly loud and bold through its subtleties. I aim to capture the vibrant yet gritty world we live in and how it impacts our individual and collective perceptions. I find myself endlessly curious and passionate about learning new things, always driven for personal growth and commitment to the craft.