Milet Lizárraga

Graphic Designer

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


What I have created this semester is a combination of my two passions: architecture and design. I have never attempted to seriously design my own structure before this project, so this was a very experimental experience. I designed the outdoor view of the house shown as well as internal blueprints showing its functionality as a home. I decided to display my work and design process in the form of a booklet that would help propose the project to potential buyers that would be interested in building this home. I created the illustrations on Adobe Illustrator and the blueprints in AutoCAD, as well as the booklet layout on Adobe InDesign.


Milet Lizárraga, born in Guadalajara (Mexico), and raised in Yucaipa, California, is a graphic designer with many ambitions. She found a love for architecture and design at a very young age and was encouraged to pursue a career in graphic design after completing several art and design courses throughout her school years. As she began her time at the University of Redlands, she enrolled in various studio art and design classes that always pushed the limits of what she could create. She learned new mediums and fell in love with the possibilities of graphic arts, as well as the idea of mixing mediums to create something great. This last semester, she focused on creating ambitious pieces of design in a field that she is not experienced in and underwent a lot of struggles to create her work, but at the end of it all, she accomplished two projects that depict her abilities and ambition in the field or architecture. She designed and illustrated both a house and a museum along with their respective environmental designs and pushed herself to learn a new software to create blueprints for each respective building, along with creating booklets proposing the projects to potential clients. She stepped out of her comfort zone to venture into architectural design and was successful in encapsulating her ideas and putting them into a working document.  


My art uses a variety of mediums including pencil drawings, prints, watercolor, ink, charcoal, all the way to digital art within Graphic Design. My best skills are depicted in my architectural and fashion related renderings. Illustrations, drawings, and rendering have been a part of my life since I was very young. Watching my dad work as an architect developed my love for buildings and living spaces, and my illustrations show this love through depictions of cityscapes and buildings that captivate my curiosity and attention. Also, growing up as an immigrant made me romanticize many aspects of life that I did not have in my home country, so the depictions of fashion and designs in my portfolio portray a sense of longing for the unattainable.

I am happiest when I have the freedom to mix mediums to create art I never believed was in my scope of abilities, and I aim for my art to be very detailed and as accurate as possible. Everything I do in my pieces is intentional and serves the purpose of guiding the eye to see the whole composition. This manipulation of hierarchies and illustration serve to communicate the stories that I am trying to convey.