Anna Forteza

Ceramicist & Sculptor

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


Anna Forteza is a double major at the University of Redlands, studying Business Management and Studio Art, emphasizing in Ceramics/Sculpture. As an artist, she works to make mostly functional ware at this point in her journey. However, she does not limit herself when it comes to what medium she works in, or the style of ceramics she decides to produce. Aside from ceramics, she really enjoys printmaking,  as she believes there is something very satisfying about the textures that can be created. Her work in printmaking has influenced much of her work in her other mediums.


I draw a lot of connections between life and art. As people, we have the potential to be shaped just as clay does. With this set, my intention is to create and manipulate these forms to tell a story of life and how the people around you take a hand in shaping you into the person you become. My intention is to make this dinner set outside the norms of your traditional tableware, with each form reflecting its own meaning, and ultimately bringing people together to share meals and shape each other carefully and intentionally through their presence the same way my hands worked to shape the pieces from which they are eating. Each individual piece will be able to successfully stand on its own, though they will be stronger as a group to show togetherness as I believe true beauty arises when we are together "As One."


"As One" is a functional wheel-thrown dinnerware set fired in cone 10 reduction to create its smooth elegant finish. Each place setting is made up of 4 pieces: one large dinner plate, one smaller salad/appetizer plate, one small soup/dessert bowl, and one vessel to drink from. Along with a few smaller accent pieces, serving dishes, and a centerpiece. This set was carefully crafted with the intention to bring loved ones together to share a meal, talk, laugh, and experience great times together.