Isabella Duarte


Administration Building at the Redlands campus


Isabella Duarte started her academic journey at the University of Redlands in 2018. Isabella double majored in Studio Art with an emphasis in photography and Liberal Studies, as well minored in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Throughout her time at The University of Redlands, Isabella took part in many different campus groups such as her sorority Kappa Pi Zeta, where she held numerous leadership positions and The Pride Center, where she worked as an intern. After graduation, Isabella plans to continue her education by earning her masters in education and going on to teach others through an artistic lens.


Women do not owe the world femininity, pretty, or submissiveness. Women are not born to fit the molds that society has deemed appropriate because they identify as a woman. Femininity is a complex and often misunderstood concept that is expected to be wrapped in societal norms of subservient behavior. “How could a woman ever define her own femininity, when it is the currency of men for status, for dominance, for silence. So throw it away, let them bicker the definition, and heed what Korzybski said: ‘The word is not the thing.’  Femininity is merely a word but you, you are a Woman.” -Honor Logan. This series of work captures the feminine form in their most intimate and obscure moments.


These series of works are black and white portraits that portray the feminine form and the uncomfortable and obscure moments that inhabit it. This narrative is an ongoing project that is forever changing and adapting as the subjects do.