Calvin Originales

Graphic Designer

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


My name is Calvin Originales and I am a fourth-year student designer who is currently enrolled at the University of Redlands. I was born in Riverside in 1999 but grew up in Redlands. A lot of my childhood years were spent engaging in community events and services here in Redlands as well as in neighboring cities, such as Loma Linda and Yucaipa. As an aspiring designer, my recent projects have been based around improving the community around me through my love for art and design.


For my Senior Project, I designed an Athletics Complex for Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, California. Using a 3D program called SketchUp, I was able to duplicate the environment and redesign many aspects of the area to create a single visual style. My designs include a new athletics field, a new tennis court, roadrunner sculptures, etc.

This part of campus will be uniquely similar in visual style as well as having better accessibilities such as a closer parking lot, new and structured walkways, and reasonable seating spaces.

I also designed a proposal booklet that provides more information about my designs. My booklet compares original images of Crafton Hills College campus with my proposed design. I included explanations of the purpose of my design and how it benefits the campus. The whole booklet is available to be viewed online (scan QR code above.)


Growing up with a hearing disability, I have always been focused on the visual aspects of everyday objects rather than relying on my hearing. This allowed me to appreciate the beauty of art and the power that design holds. My engagement in art has taught me many skills in many different forms. With this knowledge, my goal is to bring the power of design into the physical world, and help my audience easily understand and act on the event or issue depicted. In my perspective, visual communication is key, and I believe a physical form of design facilitates awareness. My work combines Graphic Design with 3D forms such as sculpture and architecture to create environments that serve their users by making living, working, or playing spaces comprehensible and nurturing.