Mathew Chavez

Graphic Designer

Administration Building at the Redlands campus


My name is Mathew Nelson Chavez and I have studied both Graphic Design and Global Business at the University of Redlands for the past 5 years. With a passion for design and marketing, I hope to find fulfillment with a career in marketing design. With interests in sports, gaming, and technology, I have found a passion for pushing environmental activism in these areas through carefully curated artistic pieces. I love explaining ideas to people. Seeing new interests come alive in their eyes and knowing that I helped them see what they have never understood before, that's what drives my creative process.


Upkeep is an organization that I created for my Senior Project to enhance my skills in Brand Identity and Design. The organization is meant to be a collective of creators hoping to drive environmental activism in the tech industry by garnering support for the cause. Our goal is to bring awareness to practices such as Planned Obsolescence and Right to Repair with hopes of gaining enough support to pressure industry leaders to enact change.  

On display at the Senior Show will be Upkeep’s Graphic Standards Manual, a collection of all Brand Design work I have done to create a cohesive company image.  


Due to my backgrounds in both Business and Graphic Design, I have worked to integrate creativity and practicality to create a design style that is simple in nature yet intricate in meaning. I have discovered a passion working with impactful design and effective marketing, two areas of work that tend to overlap often. I love finding information or ideas that I am passionate about and explaining those ideas to others clearly. Through this process, I have found that my designs are generally illustrative with an emphasis on explanation.  I hope to inspire others, like myself, who can see both the creative and analytical sides of every situation and motivate them to find their voice.