Alicia Lopez


Administration Building at the Redlands campus


Alicia Lopez, born Alicia Rose Ortiz in Southern California, is where she raised her family before returning to school. Double majoring in Art and Liberal Studies, her goal is to bring ART back to the elementary school classroom by integrating it with all other school subjects. Experiencing ART as a great emotional release herself, she hopes to give her future students the chance to experience this for themselves, and any other kind of release ART can bring to their lives. Often using her own body as a tool to apply paint, the release of emotion and going through the process is the main purpose for Alicia in creating a piece. The outcome, which is often unknown, she sees only as a beautiful bonus to the often untraveled, but necessary, path she must investigate.


For myself, as for many artists, creating a piece is a great emotional outlet. In my paintings, I want to express my emotions along with illustrating them in an abstract way. As an older female, I want to release and express the feelings brought on by the constant changing of my physical, mental, and emotional self, along with those brought on by the outside world. At times, this means using my hands and arms to apply the paint to the canvas. The release of emotion and going through the process is my purpose, not necessarily the outcome, which is often unknown.