Vice President of Enrollment

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As we embark together on a new strategic plan for the University, one of the main areas of emphasis will be enrollment and sharpening our focus to attract even more quality students to Redlands and to return to the enrollment numbers we enjoyed pre-pandemic. You have heard me say before that we are all enrollment and retention officers at the University of Redlands, and to support our efforts, we will be hiring a Vice President of Enrollment who will focus squarely on this area.

The Vice President of Enrollment will lead our collective enrollment efforts as one University to increase student enrollment across all programs. This position will oversee the current University enrollment teams and the enrollment professionals who have and will continue to support our schools. The Vice President will report directly to me.

I commend our enrollment team's dedication and well-deserved successes achieved through their creativity and hard work. Because of their efforts, we know that the students who apply to Redlands have a higher chance of yielding than most schools see from their applicant pools. They are to be applauded for attracting and recruiting our remarkable students and promoting all that Redlands offers.

I have asked Kevin Dyerly, Vice President for Finance and CFO, to serve as the Chair for this search, and he has agreed. A search committee – including representation from faculty, staff, and students – will be formed and announced very soon. 

The committee will be assisted by Napier Executive Search, a nationally known and highly respected search firm consisting of seasoned enrollment professionals with considerable consultative and search experience. Founder, Mary Worland Napier, who has over 30 years of experience recruiting positions like this one, will be leading the Napier team. If you have questions or suggestions, please email

Our goal is to hire the Vice President of Enrollment by early summer 2023, at the latest. We will update the campus community in the coming weeks. In the meantime, thank you all for your continued hard work and support.


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Krista L. Newkirk