Board of Trustees

Our 36-member, 2018-19 Board of Trustees has a fiduciary responsibility to the university as a whole. The trustees are responsible for electing the president and approving an annual plan of financial operation. Through the university bylaws, the day-to-day administration of the university is delegated by the trustees to the president.

  • Bradley N. Adams '93

    International Real Estate

  • Jamison J. Ashby '82

    Chief Operating Officer, Banfield Pet Hospital

  • Luann Bangsund ’74, ‘79

    Retired Professor of Finance and Accounting, Keck Graduate Institute

  • Carole L. Beswick

    Chief Executive Officer, Inland Action, Inc.

    Chair Emeritus

  • Christopher L. Bonney ‘87

    Senior Vice President/Principal, Lee & Associates-Industry, Inc.

  • Larry E. Burgess ‘67

    Director Emeritus, A.K. Smiley Public Library

  • William R. Cahill

    CEO, Calfox, Inc.

  • Bruce A. Cavarno '82

    President, Ortho LA, Inc.

  • David R. Danielson '75

    Retired Vice President of Academic Affairs, Butte Community College

  • Joseph L. D'Anna '91

    Leader, Quantitative Strategy, Brighthouse Financial

  • Richard N. Fisher '65

    Retired Partner, O'Melveny & Myers, LLP

    Chair Emeritus

  • Becky Campbell Garnett ‘69

    Independent Sales Associate, Worth New York

  • Thomas W. Gilmer '62, '67

    Principal, Lee & Associates

  • Kenneth F. Hall ’60

    Founder & Chairman Emeritus, School Services of California, Inc.

  • Mindy Harris

    Managing Director & General Counsel, Auriemma  Consulting Group, Inc.

  • Debbie J. Heap '86

    Retired Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley

  • Normajean Hinders '65

    Marriage & Family Therapist, formerly of Counseling Associates of Palo Alto

  • Richard C. Hunsaker '52

    Hunsaker Management Inc.

    Chair Emeritus

  • Fran Inman

    Senior Vice President, Majestic Realty Co.

  • Kevin Knight '77

    Principal, Knight Consulting LLC

  • Leland C. Launer, Jr. '77

    Senior Advisor, Nassau Reinsurance Group

    Chair of the Board

  • Sherri L. Medina '82, '84

    Healthcare Entrepreneur & Investor

  • Alice J. Mozley '70

    Retired Vice President for Planning & Development, Times Mirror Company

  • Brian D. Murphy '04

    President & Managing Director, Meridian Capital

  • Robert C. Oda '69

    Senior Planning & Development Manager, Commercial Real Estate Division, Kamehameha Schools

  • James C. Ramos '09

    Supervisor, 3rd District, San Bernardino County

  • Sabine B. Robertson-Phillips '92

    Asst. Superintendent of Human Resources, Redlands Unified School District

  • Darren S. Rose ‘91

    President, Rose & Tuck LLC

  • Joseph R. Rulison

    Co-Founder & CEO, three+one

  • Roger V. Salazar '91

    President, ALZA Strategies

  • James E. Schroeder '65

    Managing Partner, Mesa Energy Associates, LLC

  • N. Anthony Taylor '63

    Retired Management, IBM Corporation

  • Stephen A. Tindle '90

    Division Vice President, Century Communities

  • Ronald C. Troupe '64

    Retired Los Angeles Branch Manager, Unisys Corporation

  • Elbra M. Wedgeworth '78

    Chief Government & Community Relations Officer, Denver Health

  • Charles S. Wilke '64

    Founder & Managing Director, Meridian Capital LLC