Our Shared Mission, Vision, and Values


We welcome, educate, and empower a diverse community of learners for lives of meaning, impact, and joy.


By 2032, the University of Redlands will lead California in providing a student-focused, personalized education that drives student success.


Excellence: We strive to do our best in all that we pursue while empowering our students through scholarship and the skills needed to develop professional, civic, and interpersonal expertise.

Exploration: We pursue a better understanding and appreciation of ourselves and the world through academic inquiry, research, experiential learning, and collegial discourse.  

Inclusivity: We seek the different perspectives, experiences, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, talents, and contributions that comprise a global society and we work to build a strong multi-dimensional, and sustainable community.

Justice: We promote fairness, integrity, liberty, and equity in our thoughts, service, and actions to lead our local communities and the world.

Kindness: We foster a community that is friendly, considerate, respectful, and empathetic as we care for and shape citizens who understand that their actions and words impact others.  

Service: Through selfless acts, we contribute to the health and wellness of others as we strive to create a better society and world.