Brent Geraty

General Counsel

Brent Geraty joined the University June 1, 2015 as its first internal general counsel, a member of the President's Cabinet and reporting to the President. 

Geraty completed his undergraduate studies in history and business administration at Atlantic Union College in Massachusetts and earned his master’s degree in history from Andrews University in Michigan. He received his juris doctorate from Yale Law School, where he was a Coker Fellow and an articles editor for the Yale Law & Policy Review. After cutting his teeth as a law firm litigator for six years, Geraty spent the last 15 years serving as general counsel back at Andrews University. He was the first person hired into that role, and he established the Office of General Counsel within a context of cultural and ethnic diversity. He also held an academic appointment at Andrews teaching pre-law classes and serving as a pre-law advisor.

Office of the General Counsel

The general counsel serves as the University’s chief legal officer responsible for managing the University’s legal affairs and overseeing legal services to the University. The general counsel provides overall strategic and ethical leadership and direction for all legal matters involving the University including student, trustees, faculty, and staff and administrator affairs; regulatory matters, risk assessment, and compliance issues; labor and employment litigation; and financial and research concerns. The general counsel provides advice on sponsored programs, contract matters, including intellectual property clauses; reviews and develops policies and procedures related to research and intellectual property; advises on copyright and patent law; and advises on research compliance matters. The general counsel serves as a member of the President’s Cabinet, reporting to the President.