Kendrick Brown

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Kendrick Brown assumed the deanship of the College in July 2016.  Previous to joining the University of Redlands, Brown, a social psychologist, served as professor of Psychology at Macalester College.  While at Macalester, Brown conducted research on the effects of skin tone bias (treating others differently because of the shade of their skin color) on African American psychological well-being, how White American student-athletes’ racial attitudes are shaped by their interactions with teammates of color, and dominant group attitudes toward policies intended to address racial inequalities in the United States and European Union nations.

As an administrator, Brown’s experience includes the management of faculty personnel, academic department and academic program reviews; chairing a college-wide Student Learning Committee; overseeing funds for faculty-student research; and serving on a wide variety of committees and the President’s senior staff.  As Acting Provost and Dean of the Faculty at Macalester in 2013, Brown was responsible for faculty and Academic Affairs staff hiring and oversight, managing a $25 million budget, and coordinating external grant applications.  Brown also served as the Academic Affairs liaison to the Board of Trustees and worked on institutional fundraising efforts.  Previously, he was Co-Chair of Macalester’s Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department and Chair of the Psychology Department.


Most recently, Brown’s research work has focused on investigating how people of color perceive allies (individuals dedicated to addressing racism in the United States).  His work indicates that people of color see allies differently than how allies see themselves, and that people of color see allies as distinctly different from activists.


Aimed at incorporating students’ own experiences with psychological theories and findings, Brown’s teaching focuses on application, particularly in his courses addressing the expression and experience of racism in the United States. Also, his course offerings on statistics and research methodology have enabled Brown to supervise numerous student research projects.


Brown earned his B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. in psychology—the last two from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  His community service and publishing activities have emphasized social issues and public policy, including diversity hiring in higher education and broader societal issues of diversity in the United States and the world.


Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

The dean of the College of Arts & Sciences provides leadership and works in collaboration with faculty and students to sustain effective teaching and learning, review and manage the College curriculum, and promote faculty development with the undergraduate programs of the College, which includes the School of Music, Johnston Center for Integrative Studies, and the MSGIS program. He has oversight responsibilities in the faculty review process and is responsible for management of the College budget. The dean and associate dean coordinate a range of academic support needs, with department chairs and academic program directors, Student Life, the Registrar, Facilities, Business and Finance, and Development. He represents the College in University-wide academic policy and decisions via the Dean’s Council and serves on the President’s Cabinet.