Temporary Summer Schedule FAQ

May 26 – July 28, 2023

What is the temporary summer schedule time period?

During the benefit time period that begins the week of Friday, May 26, 2023, through Friday, July 28, 2023, the University will allow four hours of paid time off on one day of each week. An employee can take these four hours flexibly throughout the week instead of one day at the approval of their supervisor. These hours are in lieu of regular work hours and are not to be additive to the regular scheduled work hours.

Am I eligible?

All active full- and part-time employees regularly scheduled to work within the benefit time period are eligible. Students working 20 hours or more are eligible to receive the benefit.

Temporary employees and summer employees paid by the University qualify if the last four hours fall on a Friday of their regularly scheduled day of work during the benefit week.

How will the four hours be applied to my timecard each week?

Hourly (FLSA-Subject) and bi-weekly paid employees: Each eligible staff employee is responsible for adding four hours of early departure time to their timecard during the benefit time period by using the University holiday pay code. Salary (FLSA-Exempt) and monthly paid employees: While administrative employees are eligible for this four-hour benefit, the time does not need to be reflected on the time card.

What if I have a vacation, personal day, or optional day scheduled on my agreed-upon early day off?

Staff and administrative employees: For vacation, personal hours, or optional hours scheduled during the benefit period, the employee will use four hours of University holiday time in place of four vacation, personal or optional hours. Employees must coordinate with their supervisor for approval in advance.

What if I call off sick on my early day off?

If an employee uses sick time during the benefit time period, the employee will forfeit the four hours of University holiday time and will use the applicable number of sick hours.

What if I am working from home and not on campus?

If the employee meets the eligibility requirements listed above and is working from home, they are eligible for four hours of University holiday time.

What if I do not work an 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. schedule?

Regardless of the shift worked, employees are eligible for four hours of University holiday time if they meet the eligibility requirements. The employee’s supervisor or manager is responsible for ensuring continuous operations and may need to adjust the actual time and/or day that an employee is able to leave early.

I work a 4/10 alternate work schedule. Am I eligible for the four hours of University holiday time?

If the employee meets the eligibility requirements listed above, even if working an alternate work schedule, they are still entitled to four hours of University holiday time during the benefit period.

I forgot to code my timesheet timely or not at all. Can I still make changes?

It is the responsibility of the employee to properly code their timecard and of the supervisor to approve the four hours of University holiday time to receive the benefit. There will be no exceptions for retro pay, special, or manual checks to process this benefit.

If the University requires an employee to work during the benefit period, can the time be saved and used during another week within the benefit period?

Yes, the four hours missed can be taken during another week in the same benefit period. The supervisor needs to properly code and approve the hours in UTA and send an email message to payroll at erica_magana@redlands.edu indicating the additional hours were not taken for the week worked.

Please Note: Adding four hours to the end of a shift will not in any way contribute to the accumulation of overtime or count as hours worked for purposes of overtime. The University holiday pay code will equal four hours at the employee’s regular rate of pay. These hours are not to be in addition to their regular scheduled hours.