Observational Astronomy: A Guide to a Guide

Noah headshot 200x200.jpg

Noah Ossa-Jaen '22


My research deals with a branch of astronomy known as astrophotography which is the imaging and photographing of celestial objects and phenomena. I am fortunate enough to be one of the only students on campus to be taught by Redlands’ alumni how to use the Astronomy Student Taylor Robotic Observatory laboratory, commonly referred to as the ASTRO Lab. Because of this, the school asked me to create a simple user manual to serve as a guide to the workings and mechanisms of the lab so that it can continue to be used safely and efficiently by the University of Redlands’ student body, faculty, and staff, particularly after I graduate. In the past, the ASTRO Lab has been used for astronomy and physics research for those within the department but the goal of this manual is to broaden the spectrum of student usage, extending its capabilities to others regardless of major affiliation. This poster discusses the two ways of taking images, essentially being a mini-guide in itself, along with describing the different types of exposures needed to fully render an image and the computer programs used in the lab.