Center for Advanced Professional Education

A collaboration between the University of Redlands and The Practice Institute


The Center for Advanced Professional Education (CAPE) couples the intellectual and technological resources of two organizations — the University of Redlands and The Practice Institute — to provide high quality professional development programming.

CAPE's initial programs are for mental health professionals and address two domains: (1) developing competence in the business of practice; and (2) developing professional practice competence and expertise.  CE credits are available for most CAPE programming.

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Upcoming Events and Programs

Practice Development Certificate Program

If you are serious about a solid business foundation for your practice… 

These five, 7-week online courses teach mental health professionals the business skills needed to create, develop and manage a mental health practice. 

All are taught by nationally recognized instructors known for their work in teaching and coaching mental health professionals in practice management skills.  A value-added feature in each course is the opportunity to participate in a weekly web conference with the instructor, during his or her online office hours.

A mental health professional can take each course individually or can take the larger package and earn a practice management certificate

Completing each course will earn 21 hours of continuing education credit.

The first course, EDUCCS 610: Entrepreneurship and Niche Practices for Mental Health Professionals, begins in January


Celine Ko, Ph.D., a Redlands, CA psychologist had these observations about her experiences in the private practice boot camp (which is a very condensed version of the material in the certificate program).  Video recorded comments of others about this training can be found in the section immediately below

No one had warned me that I would have to learn how to be a business person if I were to start my own private practice. I was overwhelmed and unsure where to start.  CAPE's private practice boot camp proved to be a game changer.

Lauren Behrman and Jeff Zimmerman walked us through each step of what we need to do to get our businesses up and running.  They are amazing mentors who inspired us and provided great feedback and guidance.  I left with a completed business plan, an action plan and a vision of what I wanted to do. 

Participating in this program also connected me to a network of clinicians who can provide support as I start my own business; like-minded people who want me to succeed.  It was definitely worth the investment!



What Program Participants Say About CAPE's Business of Practice Training


CAPE has multiple vehicles for helping practitioners develop competence in the business of practice.  One of those -- the private practice boot camp -- is a two day event that covers the topics that will be addressed more deeply and thoroughly in the business of practice certificate program.  It might be instructive, therefore, for those who are considering one or more of the certificate courses to hear what boot camp attendees have said about their experience: