Graduate School of Theology

Pathways to possibility

Multifaith and interdisciplinary, the Graduate School of Theology (GST) prepares students for theological engagement, transformational impact, and active leadership in communities and public life.

Created in 2019, the GST is the result of a merger between the San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS) and the University of Redlands. Building on these institutions' combined 250+ years of history, the GST is committed to educating students, advancing scholarship, and celebrating service. A member of the Graduate Theological Union, one of the largest multifaith educational consortiums in the world, the GST also provides students with access to classes and resources from institutions ranging from the Institute for Buddhist Studies to the University of California, Berkeley.


Doctoral and master's programs

Doctoral and master's degree programs provide students with the opportunity to hone professional skills and experience individual growth. Prepare to enter the field of ministry or expand your theological understanding by earning a graduate degree.


Other educational opportunities

The San Francisco Theological Seminary, Applied Wisdom Institute, and Shaw Chaplaincy Institute for Spiritual Care + Compassionate Leadership offer an array of additional educational opportunities. Explore certificates and diplomas in spiritual direction and formation, clinical pastoral education, and more. 

Be a positive force of change in the world

At a glance

University of Redlands Graduate School of Theology

  • 10+ programs to choose from
  • 65 percent of students over the age of 44
  • 1/3 portion of student body that is international
  • 11+ million books available through membership in the Graduate Theological Union

Latest News

At the beginning of July, the University of Redlands and San Francisco Theological Seminary merged, creating a new U of R graduate school and campus in the Bay Area offering programs from both organizations. (Photo by Steve Carroll)
Made for each other

It all started with a problem, framed as an opportunity.

Dual U of R-SFTS alumni find their paths converge

At least 10 individuals have graduated from both the University of Redlands and the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

Two become one, and stronger together

University of Redlands President Ralph W. Kuncl writes to the U of R community about the union of the University with San Francisco Theological Seminary (SFTS), creating a Graduate School of Theology and a Marin campus hosting programs from both institutions. Here is his text from his memo.