Study Away at the University of Redlands

Education abroad is an integral aspect of the educational experience at Redlands, and we have a rich tradition of broadening student growth and learning through participation in international and domestic study away programs. Our goal is to create opportunities for students and faculty to explore diverse cultures and languages en route to becoming more broad-minded, interculturally adept, and knowledgeable citizens of the global community.

University of Redlands International Travel and Activities

The University of Redlands has a long history of supporting faculty, staff and student international travel. This section 1) outlines the process for developing and leading international travel programs for U of R faculty and staff and 2) houses the registration process for university sponsored individual U of R faculty and staff international travel. 

International Travel and Activities Approval Committee Terms of Reference


The primary role of the International Travel and Activities Approval Committee (ITAAC) is to provide an appropriate review, coordination, and approval process for the safety and security of employees and students relating to international university business engagements. This includes the development and approval of new international programs, the development of shared university-approved vetting process, and the monitoring of current international efforts.

In this role, the ITAAC will among other things:

  • Oversee the International Activities, Programs and Travel Assessment and Approval Procedures, including creation of and updating of any necessary policies or forms.
  • Review international travel proposals for individual faculty/staff or University-sponsored group travel.
  • Maintain a centralized list of countries, category of activities, dates of travel, and points of accountability for all University international activities and programs where the University will be in country on a formal basis.
  • Address international operation matters that may impact safety and security of the University and its constituents.
  • Develop institutional criteria for vetting and selection of third-party partnering organizations (eg, housing, internships, program providers).

Responsibilities of the Members of the ITAAC

The primary responsibility of each member is to bring functional expertise and strategic perspectives to the approval process for proposed and ongoing international programs and activities.


Membership of the ITAAC is comprised of representatives from the different schools, colleges, departments and division across campus that have expertise in and participate in international travel. Each member shall serve until replaced.

Proposed designees of the following areas or functions are as follows:

  • Senior International Officer: Anne Cavender
  • Global Education Office: Andrea Muilenburg
  • Graduate Student Travel Representative (Faculty Member): Johannes Moenius
  • Undergraduate Student Travel Representative (Faculty Member): Althea Sircar
  • University Advancement/Alumni Relations: Jed Schwendiman
  • Enrollment Management (recruitment): Kevin Dyerly
  • Student Affairs (athletics, Outdoor programs): Donna Eddleman
  • Risk Management: Grace Crickette and Teresa Webster
  • Public Safety: Erika Edwards
  • Counsel: Chris Jennings (advisory only)

ITAAC Accountability

The ITAAC will be co-chaired by the Representative from the Provost Office and Global Education Office. The co-chairs shall be responsible for the calling of meetings, taking minutes, conducting business in compliance with these terms of reference and the international activities and programs policy and assessment and approval procedures, form preparation and record-keeping, communicating decisions to appropriate individuals and/or departments and if necessary, make recommendations to appropriate university administration officials for any international related matters not covered in this document.


The co-chairs shall schedule and call meetings, typically two-three per semester. As the committee work progresses, the co-chairs may move meetings to quarterly or until needed for a decision. Agenda items will be provided to the co-chairs with supporting materials by the end of the prior working week. It is encouraged that materials that require reading or comment be distributed with the agenda sent out one week prior to the ITAAC meeting. The co-chairs shall be responsible for coordinating the agenda and documenting decisions and recommendations made at these meetings. The co-chair may delegate assignments as necessary to members of the ITAAC committee.


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