Study Away at the University of Redlands

Education abroad is an integral aspect of the educational experience at Redlands, and we have a rich tradition of broadening student growth and learning through participation in international and domestic study away programs. Our goal is to create opportunities for students and faculty to explore diverse cultures and languages en route to becoming more broad-minded, interculturally adept, and knowledgeable citizens of the global community.

Study Away News

Fulbright awardee’s journey continues in Mongolia

Erin Robles '22 said her decision to transfer to Redlands was ‘life-changing’ 

Katharina standing at the Bridge of Orchy in Isle of Skye.
Studying abroad in the British Isles

Three students share their study abroad experience and how studying abroad helped them grow personally and as a student. The programs of interest include Edinburgh, Scotland, London, England, and Dublin, Ireland.

During a fall 2021 study excursion to Palau, Vickira Hengst ’21 and her student colleagues finished a long-term project surveying of all 72 marine lakes in the 500-island Micronesian country.
Surveying all 72 marine lakes in Palau

Now a GIS specialist and researcher, immersive travel and coursework at U of R helped shape 2021 alumna Vickira Hengst’s pursuit of a career combatting climate change.