Student Success Center


Welcome to the Student Success Center (SSC) at the University of Redlands, where we're dedicated to helping you achieve your academic and personal goals.


Our mission is simple: Connecting with UOR students to foster academic and personal growth. We aspire to provide services to all UOR students at their various points of need.


We aspire to provide services to all UOR students at their various points of need.

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About Us

The Student Success Center (SSC) plays a vital role in supporting University of Redlands students as they strive to achieve their academic and personal aspirations. Our array of dedicated programs is designed to foster academic excellence and equip students with the skills and strategies needed to succeed.

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Kristin Grammer (she/her)

Associate Director of International Student and Scholar Success, DSO

Lauren Means (she/her)

Project Specialist

Natalie O'Harra (she/her)

Director of Student Advising & Success

Emily Perez Ortiz (she/her)

Student Success Advisor

Khanhvy Philadelphia (she/her)

Assistant Director of Student Success

Ariana Quick (she/her)

Associate Director of Accessibility

Jennifer Shedd (she/her)

Student Services Specialist

Tracey Sohner (she/her)

Assistant Director of Academic Success

Holistic Approach

Our primary focus is to help students thrive in both their academic pursuits and personal growth. We aim to empower individuals to reach their full potential by fostering a holistic approach to student success.

Our Programs and Services:

  • Academic Tutoring: Academic tutoring services are available to help students excel in their studies. Our dedicated tutors provide personalized support to address your academic needs. 
  • Accessibility Services: We offer accessibility services to ensure that all students have equal access to educational opportunities. Learn more about how we can support you.
  • Graduate & Non-Traditional Student Academic Advising: Academic success planning, orientation, registration, and degree completion.
  • Academic Engagement: Discover how we can help you engage more effectively in your academic journey.
  • Academic Success Planning: We assist students in creating personalized academic success plans to help them achieve their goals.
  • Orientation, Registration, & Degree Completion: Get information on orientation, registration, and degree completion services.
  • Programs & Initiatives for Student Success: Learn about various programs and initiatives aimed at promoting your success.


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