Wylie Cassinelli


Wylie Cassinelli 300x375.pngThese self-portraits take you back to the roots of my photographic career. Shooting myself in order to express my inner struggles, desires, and emotions has provided me with a therapeutic process for a long time. This work uses bold color to emphasis elements and subject matter while guiding the ethos of the work. The production of this work rose at moments of success and sank during moments of confusion and loss of direction. Enjoy.



As an artist I don’t find myself satisfied for long. I am restless with the desire to grow and improve in my creative endeavors. Taking my work beyond photography has allowed me to do so in the past year. By incorporating handmade installations and using a 3-dimensional thought process I have explored new avenues of photographic composition. With a year of extremely minimized social interaction I had more time available to spend on my creative process, more time to make mistakes and more time to be intentional, I used that time to the best of my ability. While I hope to never feel creatively finished, I want to continue the feeling of freedom that I have recently found within my work.