Senior Art Show 2021

Within the last year, the world has changed drastically. Yet, the art seniors were still determined to make their best work with the resources they had at home. Comprised of painters, ceramicists, photographers, designers, and drawers, each senior creates their own work that is intrinsically tied to and inspired by their world. Each works with a different medium but is after the same creative freedom that only the creation of art can fulfill. As artists, they are linked by their creative pursuits: even though they create quite different work, they are fused together by the same passion. The word “fuse” means to join together and create something into one. Fuse is inspired by the entirety of their college careers; it is an acknowledgment of the work they have done, the relationships they have had, and the experiences they have endured. The work each person presents is only a small fraction of what they can do, as each and every one of them continues to expand their artistic skills and ways of creating new and thoughtful creations.

Closing Reception

Thursday, April 29 from 4:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

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