Greta Jursch

Graphic Designer

Greta Jursch 300x375.pngMy work focuses on conceptualizing user interfaces in order to fulfill a current user need. In my first project, I conceptualized a dashboard for an electric car as well as an electric charging station. My goal was to eliminate the confusion of complicated graphs and features, leaving the user with only the essential charging information in a digestible manner. My second project is a web and mobile app prototype called Happy Camper. Happy Camper streamlines the campsite locating process by combining all government and private campsite reservation services into one easily navigable app. This app also challenges the idea of the masculine branding typically associated with outdoors media, all while hoping to increase accessibility to the outdoors.


Born to creative parents and tech pioneer grandparents at the cusp of the digital age, the question of design for human-computer interaction has felt ever-present in my life. And it is ever-present in your life as well, whether you perceive its occupancy or not. My work uses this truism as a touchstone for designing efficient user experiences. I am passionate about the ways in which excellent design for technology empowers users. Interfaces should be accessible, sustainable, and should push the boundaries of what is possible. I have a tremendous optimism about the future of technology and want to be on the front lines of a human centered and beautifully logical version of that future.