Jordan Schultz


Jordan Schultz 300x375.pngFor this Senior Project I wanted to create a six-part illustration series of the most memorable year of my life, 2020. I think 2020 has been a really crazy year for every individual reading this, whether it be good, or bad. I chose to do illustration because it is something my past and my future have in common. Illustrating is still being able to use both art technique and design approaches. I love to draw and being able to include that in design was a really cool moment in my life. I want to illustrate six things in 2020 that I, and maybe all of you, have experienced this year. A lot of my illustrations have been based around young women, but I want to push myself and create a whole scene and surroundings along with the humans being represented. I want to be able to bring those great and not so great things to life through illustration. When researching illustration scenes, I found a lot of really influential illustrators and their styles I want to regenerate in my project. Projects illustrated in Procreate and edited in Photoshop.


While my mother was in college getting her master's degree, I stayed with my grandmother every weekend. Her art and design have influenced me to work hard and create a story in every design. This past year was one of the toughest years Ive been through, and I wanted to incorporate the struggles into my work for the new year. I want every person who looks at my illustrations to connect. Whether it be depression from quarantine, or family working in the Wildfires. All of us went through something in 2020 whether it was good or bad. I want the viewer to look at my work and relate. And that’s one of the main goals of my artwork. The generational society we all are growing in currently, has been through it so, my job is to express it in illustrations, so society knows there not alone.