Kyle O'Reilly


Kyle O'Reilly 300x375.pngThe first image is called Frogs, a color photo taken by a Canon Camera. The image depicts frogs hiding in the cracks off rocks, trying not to get exposed by the sun. The second image is called, Green & Red, a color photo taken by a Canon Camera. The focal point of the image being the green leaves in the foreground and the red leaves in the background, purposely out of focus. The third image is called Pipe, a color photo taken by a Canon Camera. The images depict pipes at the beach being covered up by rocks at the beach.


My photography is vast; with my work focusing on work that I love to create with perspective and texture. These photographs I have made range from black & white and color to help give me see the different textures and how the different media changes the perspective. Having two different focal points in my images allows the viewer to have more areas to explore and see what is interesting and what I’m trying to capture. By traveling around and capturing different environments in California I see a wide range of objects to focus on. Capturing these different environments also allows me to see the range of textures that help create a unique range of photos that are different from one and another.