Joey Wozniak


Joey Wozniak 300x375.pngThis is a three-paneled painting created to represent how climate change can affect the natural landscape. The three paintings present a view from the University of Redlands, with the San Bernardino Mountains in the background. The first panel depicts a lush environment. The cool, expressive colors represent a vibrant, untouched landscape. The middle painting shows a gradual shift in color, illustrating the shift in global climate. The cool colors turn to warm as the view moves past the Redlands Chapel and the quad. The final panel expresses the feeling of a world on fire. Smoke surrounds the darkened trees, representing the negative impact that humans have on nature.


I am a painter based out of Southern California. Originally from San Diego, I’ve always liked surfing, skating, and playing baseball. Spending so much time outside, I began to feel a real connection to nature. Surfing played a big role in forming this connection. Being in the ocean creates a sublime feeling as if I am part of the environment. I wanted to be able to re-create this feeling on canvas. Working with acrylic paint, I developed a process of landscape painting that captures the feeling of being in such a majestic environment.

Process is an important aspect of my work. I focus on the way the paint moves and how it can be applied to the canvas. I use layers of paint to create depth and texture in my artwork. I don’t do a lot of planning; I let the piece evolve as I work through layers of the painting. I pay close attention to detail as I make creative decisions. I spend a lot of time working to find the right colors and brushstrokes that will illustrate my ideas on the canvas.

My work is generally location based; but I like to add imaginative and expressive elements. Colorful sunset skies, ocean waves, palm trees, and sea creatures are subjects of my work when I am in San Diego. When working out of Redlands, California my art depicts the lush, mountainous landscape of the area. I like to go out into the environment and study the elements of my paintings. I am inspired by my surroundings; I will always create art based on the world around me.