Chloe Sandoval

Graphic Designer

The word “Zeal” means “great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective”. I created this brand specifically for y adults, to unite and to take everything we have known about the world, with all of our new circumstances during the pandemic, to create a positive or new mind set. I wanted to create contrast by using a collage of vintage imagery, modern colors and fonts encouraging messages. This is for those who are not afraid to swim upstream. To those who have the courage to trailblaze a new path. To those who believe that they’ll find what they’ve been searching for.


I often take a modern, out of the box, approach to my art. Whether it is breaking the rules of basic design principles, or reinventing new ways that we see texture and space within a design.  I like to take risks in my art, which is ironic because I am actually rather shy, which may be why I prefer my work to command more attention than it’s maker. I strive for unexpected, innovative solutions to visual problems, and to use my work to encourage my viewers, especially young people. I have had so many leaders pour into me, who saw leadership and creativity in me when I was young. I am so grateful for the people who saw these characteristics in me before I even did and I want to do the same, whether in art or not, I aim to use my influence to build people up.