Cole Menas

Graphic Designer

Cole Menas 300x375.png1. Inspired by the fabric designs created by Minju Kim and Angel Chen on the show "Next In Fashion". I took a personal approach to this design by using abstract shapes to create a narrative of my hometown of Keedysville/home state of Maryland. The title is a representation of my own personal journey home from California to Maryland during the start of the pandemic, Asylum=Home. This pattern would be printed on organic cotton sateen to be made into the skirt design seen in Image #3.

8”x8” Fabric Swatches

2. Inspired by California Denim Co., vintage work wear company known for their quality and screen-printing technique. Abstracted lighting bolt to create an organic, high fashion work wear pattern to be printed on heavy-duty fabric to insure it’s long lasting and limited in numbers. The title is a representation of the energy we all personally have, Vitality=Energy. This fabric was constructed into a pair of short overalls and a t-shirt.

8”x8” Fabric Swatches

3. Fashion Design Created from fabric swatch 2.1 and fabric swatch 2.3, the Asylum Fashion Design contains a two-piece set of an overall skirt and a turtleneck. The organic cotton sateen material allows for strong yet free flowing structure when sewn together. The organic background brings the fashion board together with the connection to the shapes in the fabric. Overall the outfit is a strong representation of my emphasis in fashion, Reconstructed Sustainable Fashion.

8”x8” Fabric Swatches


As a young designer I am forced to make decisions that benefit my schoolwork over the work I think about constantly when outside of a school environment. For senior capstone the decision for the projects was mine, and I decided the guidelines to create this collective of designs. After trademarking my new brand called, Happy to be here, earlier this year. I thought about the personal events that I experienced over the last year to find my inspiration. Those of us that choose to create a form of art, embark on a path of growth that eventually becomes an individual style. In my story, the growth came in learning each creative process that would be needed for the career I have chosen to pursue, Reconstructed Sustainable Fashion Design. I have not limited myself to creating one form or one style, and find myself influenced by thought processes of multiple disciplines. In this collective of work I created a set of nine fabric swatches with three separate designs and three color palettes for each of the designs. I used four of those fabric swatches to create a women’s fashion design and a children’s fashion design that is representative of the fabrics and my personal design choices. I want the viewer to feel a connection with my work, but not just a connection. I hope to inspire a feeling of happiness, joy, and even gratitude.