Paige Edmondson

Graphic Designer

Paige Edmondson 300x375.pngAn Unexpected Discovery is a hand drawn, frame by frame animation that hopes to inspire feelings of curiosity and mystery, while colliding head on with a choice where you know neither outcome.

This (next) project is an animated music video for "Sapphire Moonlight" by Camo Columbo. I wanted to further evoke the relaxed yet contemplative feeling of the song by exploring depictions of space and the playful mysteries of everyday life.


As a dancer and choreographer, I strive to comb through the infinite combinations of movements to find a quintessential way to represent my story and the music in collaboration. Because of this, I’m not surprised when given the many career paths in graphic design, I was drawn to motion graphics and animation. Similar to my approach to choreography, I aim to find interesting and unique ways to portray my ideas through animation. The element of motion gives such playfulness and humanity to art that can sometimes be lost in static images. I enjoy the challenge of bringing depth and living movement to my work in art and design.