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College of Arts and Sciences:
Courses taken through all approved study abroad programs at the University of Redlands are recorded with grades on the student's academic transcript, including calculation into the cumulative GPA, and counts towards credits required for graduation, once the transcripts have been received by the Office of the Registrar. Study abroad courses that are enrolled in with the assistance of the Study Abroad Office, are transcripted as University of Redlands work. Courses taken for the Liberal Arts Inquiry, and for the major or minor must be taken for a letter or numerical grade. It is the student's responsibility to have courses taken during a study abroad experience pre-approved for application to the student's academic program at Redlands.

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Study Away Credit Conversions

Below is a list of the grade and credit equivalency scales between the University of Redlands and our partner institutions.*

*This is not a complete list; we are continually adding scales. If the institution you are looking for is not listed and you have questions regarding its respective grade and credit equivalency scale, please email



James Cook University, Townsville

Australia University of Melbourne 
Australia University of Wollongong
Germany Constructor University
Germany Heidelberg University
Ireland University College Dublin
Ireland National University of Ireland - Galway
Japan Nanzan University
Japan Reitaku University
Japan Waseda University
New Zealand Victoria University of Wellington
New Zealand University of Canterbury
United Kingdom University of Bristol
United Kingdom University of Edinburg
United Kingdom Queen Mary University of London
United Kingdom London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)
United Kingdom University of East Anglia