Transfer Credit

Transfer credit policy
Subject to approval by the Registrar's Office, courses, but not grades, completed at other regionally-accredited institutions with a grade of 2.0 (C) or higher will be accepted for credit.

Transfer credit limits
From regionally-accredited 2 year colleges: 66 credits
From regionally-accredited 4 year colleges: 96 credits

To be considered for transfer credit, coursework must have been completed at an academic institution or program that was regionally accredited prior to the learner’s withdrawal from the institution.

Courses eligible for transfer will be evaluated using criteria such as the course credit total, department, title, level, and description of course content.   

Credit awarded by other institutions through processes such as transfer, prior learning assessment (PLA) credit, or by examination will not be accepted for transfer credit at the University of Redlands.  

Not all courses for which the University of Redlands may award transfer credit are offered by the University of Redlands but may be allowed to transfer in as general elective credit to programs that offer elective or are found to meet outcomes of the general education requirements in the undergraduate programs offered at the University of Redlands.  

College Credit Earned in High School 
Many high schools have arrangements with nearby post-secondary institutions, allowing students to take regular college courses while still in high school. The University of Redlands will accept credits for transferable courses if the courses are posted for credits on the transcript of the college where the courses were taken. Regardless of how many college credits are earned before graduation from high school, the student must go through the application process required of all entering freshmen.

International Transfer Credit for All Learners
International courses may be awarded transfer credit depending on the review by a University of Redlands approved third-party evaluator who will assess their equivalency to U.S. courses or degree programs.  An official transcript must be submitted to complete the evaluation process.

For more information, please see the University Academic Standards section of the catalog.

Credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate
Please refer to the Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate policy for acceptance policies of the College of Arts and Sciences. For more information, please see the University Academic Standards section of the catalog.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) and California State University General Education (CSU GE) Coursework 
Students who have completed coursework for the IGETC and CSU GE models can fulfill the University's General Education requirements. The University's General Education requirements for the Information and Media Literacy - Introductory Embedded Experience (IMLI) and Information and Media Literacy - Advanced Embedded Experience (IMLA) may not be fulfilled with courses taken in the IGETCE or CSU GE model. 

Transfer Equivalency Portal
The Transfer Equivalency Portal database is designed to be a resource to identify potential transfer credit and associated University of Redlands course equivalents. For more information and to explore courses, please click here.