Student Records
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, as amended (“FERPA”) protects the privacy of students’ educational records. Access to academic and disciplinary records is limited to students, dependent students’ parents, and authorized school officials.

For more information on FERPA, please visit The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act web site.

No one outside the University shall have access to, nor will the University disclose any information from students' education records, without the consent of students.

The following exceptions are permitted under FERPA.

  • to certain officials of the University to officials of other institutions in which students seek to enroll
  • to persons or organizations providing students financial aid
  • to accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function
  • to persons in compliance with a judicial order
  • to persons in an emergency in order to protect the health or safety of students or other persons
  • in accordance with the Solomon Amendment (requiring the disclosure of certain information to military recruiters)

Within the University, only those officials, individually or collectively, acting in the students' legitimate educational interests are permitted access to student education records. A “legitimate educational interest” will be present if the school official needs to review an education record to fulfill the official’s professional responsibility.

"Disclosure" means to permit access to or the release, transfer or other communication of education records, or the personally identifiable information contained in those records, to any party, by any means, including oral, written or electronic means.

Directory Information
The University maintains student records in compliance with FERPA, which assures students and parents of their right to privacy of information. The University further complies with the California Education Code, sections 22509 through 22509.18, which state that the management of student records shall be a matter of Federal and State law and regulation.

The following is considered directory information and may be released or published without the student's consent:

Name of student, university email address, telephone number (both local and permanent), photographs, dates of registered attendance, enrollment status (e.g., full-time or part-time), school or division of enrollment, major field of study, nature and dates of degrees and awards received, participation in officially recognized activities and sports, weight and height of members of athletic teams.  Pursuant to California law, a student’s address (home or university address) and class schedules may not be disclosed as “directory information.”

Students who wish directory information to be withheld from all individuals outside the University must sign a request in the Registrar's Office.

Release of Academic Information
Confidential information is defined as any information contained in a student education record not included in "Directory Information".  The University respects the privacy rights of all students.  Students need to be aware that, under FERPA regulations, the University is permitted to disclose student education records to parents without the student’s specific consent if a student is a “dependent” (generally, by being designated as such on a parent’s federal tax form).  Students or parents who wish for the University to exercise this permission should make a written request and submit proof of dependency to the Registrar’s Office.

The University will not release confidential information for independent students (students over the age of 23, or "independent" as defined by University Financial Aid Policy) without written request of the student.

NEW! Online Student-Initiated Release of Information Form

The student has the right to restrict disclosure/release of directory information to third-parties.

Online Release of Information Forms

An official transcript of a student's academic record is issued only upon the student's written, signed request. Transcripts submitted to the University for admission or credit transfer become the property of the University and cannot be returned to the student, copied or forwarded to other institutions.

Review of Academic Records
FERPA provides students with the right to inspect and review information contained in their education records, to challenge the contents of their education records, to have a hearing if the outcome of a challenge is unsatisfactory, and to submit explanatory statements for inclusion in their files if they feel the decisions of the hearing panels are unacceptable. 

Students wishing to review their education records must make written requests to the Registrar’s Office, or other appropriate campus official, listing the item or items of interest. Only records covered by FERPA will be made available within forty-five days of the request. Students may have copies made of their records with certain exceptions (for example a copy of an academic record for which a financial "hold" exists, or a transcript of an original or source document which exists elsewhere). These copies will be made at the students' expense at prevailing rates which are listed in the catalog.

Students have the right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by University to comply with the requirements of FERPA.

Family Policy Compliance Office
U.S. Department of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, D.C. 20202-5920