Students may view their grades by logging into Student Planning after grades post at the completion of each term.

The University of Redlands operates on a semester unit of credit. A semester credit is awarded for the amount of work an average student would accomplish in a minimum of 40 hours (undergraduate) and 45 hours (graduate), including the hours spent in the laboratory or classroom.


Credits Attempted: Total number of credits attempted.

Credits Completed: Total number of credits completed for successful completion of academic course- work or equivalent.

GPA Credits: Total number of graded credits used in calculating the grade point average (only University of Redlands units included).

Graded Points: Value is derived by multiplying GPA credits by grade earned.

GPA: Value is derived by dividing graded points by GPA credits.


The University of Redlands uses a numeric grading system

4.0  A

3.7  A-

3.3  B+

3.0  B

2.7  B-

2.3  C+

2.0  C

1.7  C-

1.3  D+

1.0  D

0.7  D-

0.0  F

Graduate students
Graduate students will not receive credit for a course awarded a grade of 1.7 or below and must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average to be in good standing.



 AU  Audit

CR  Credit; 2.0 or above: undergraduate level, 2.7 or above: graduate level

NC  No Credit; Below 2.0: undergraduate level, below a 2.7: graduate level

CE  Credit;  earned by faculty examination or for Continuing Education Credit

EV  Narrative; qualitative evaluation of work attached to transcript

VZ  Narrative; evaluation satisfactory, not yet in file

VI  Narrative; incomplete evaluation

VF  Narrative; failure to complete terms of evaluation contract

I  Incomplete; verify with faculty as to when a completed grade is due to the Registrar's Office. After that time, the incomplete will revert to the alternate grade reported by faculty.

Z  No Grade; temporary, usually due to late grades or no grade recorded by faculty.

W  Withdrawal; request for withdrawal must be received in writing from the student.

NG  Non-Graded