All coursework taken on U of R approved study away programs is recorded on your U of R transcript, after the Office of the Registrar receives your transcript from your completed study away program. This means that grades earned while studying away, are calculated into your cumulative GPA, the courses are transcripted as U of R work and the courses count towards credits required for graduation. Courses taken to fulfill Liberal Arts Foundation/Liberal Arts Inquiry requirements or major/minor credit must be taken for a letter or numerical grade.

How to request study away course evaluations for semester-long study away programs

If you want your study away coursework to fulfill Liberal Arts Foundation (LAF)/Liberal Arts Inquiry (LAI) or major/minor requirements you must follow the process below and submit your completed study away course approval form to the Registrar’s Office. Make sure to read the full instructions on the form. This process does not apply to students on the Salzburg semester program as they are enrolled in U of R courses for their term away.

  1. For major/minor requirements, students need to obtain the department chair’s  signature for course approval. You should provide the department chair with the following information:
  2. Your name and student id
  3. Major/minor
  4. Term you plan to study away
  5. Program you will be participating on
  6. Syllabus of course you would like reviewed for major/minor requirement
  7. Copy of the form, for them to sign, if approval is granted.

For LAF/LAI requirements, the Registrar’s Office evaluates these requests. You should provide the Registrar’s Office with the form and a copy of the syllabus you’d like reviewed.

This process should be completed and the form submitted to the Registrar’s Office before the start of your program or early into your semester away; this will ensure that you know how your study away coursework will fit into your academic plan at Redlands.

Maintain Enrollment at the U of R for Study Away Term

For your study away semester, the U of R will enroll you in a study away “SPRO” placeholder course. This placeholder course:

  • Keeps you as a registered student at the U of R for the term you study away.
  • Identifies you as a student who is studying off campus through a U of R program for the semester and allows you to continue to receive communication from the various U of R departments, offices, clubs, and more while off campus.
  • Maintains your class standing with the Registrar’s Office and your place in the queue for the following semester’s course registration.

This placeholder remains on your academic record until your transcript from your study away semester is received. At that time, the placeholder will be replaced with the course and grades from your study away program.

For-credit Study Away Pre-Departure and Re-entry Courses

The University of Redlands provides on-campus courses to help prepare students for their study away experiences and process their study away experiences. Learn more about these classes here:

Pre-departure course - this 2 credit course is offered the semester prior to your study away semester. The course uses film clips, articles, and a series of brief, hands-on assignments to explore such topics as how to handle culture shock, communicating across cultures, stereotypes of U.S. Americans abroad, sustainable travel, and what to expect upon returning. You’ll also learn a lot about your specific destination country, including transportation, social norms, pop culture, and more. 

Re-entry course - this 2 credit course is offered the semester after completing your study away program.