Assessed Learning 

Assessed Learning is a term used to describe the assessment of college-level learning for college credit that is gained outside a traditional academic environment.

The University of Redlands recognizes relevant learning that may be acceptable for credit toward a University of Redlands degree, including academic credit earned at other accredited institutions, credit based on nationally recognized examination programs, and credit based on prior learning.

The University of Redlands acknowledges that education occurs throughout all of a learner's life stages and in a variety of contexts and settings. The University is made up of four schools and each school may have different policies regarding the acceptance of credit for assessed learning. When learning is relevant to the knowledge and skills of a specific University of Redlands academic program, applicants and students may have the opportunity to provide documentation of that learning and be awarded appropriate credit to be applied toward the completion of their academic program. 

For further information, please see specific programs of study chapters for College of Arts and Sciences and School of Business & Society in the applicable catalog.