Study Away Advising Guide

Timeline and Student Planning

Students should be introduced to study away during their first year at Redlands as it is never too early to start planning. Study away application deadlines are very early (sometimes more than a year in advance) and require students to have done some advance research and planning with their advisors.

Study away application deadlines:

    • Fall semester programs: December 1
    • Spring semester programs: December 1
    • Salzburg semester program has rolling admissions after December 1, until program fills
    • May Term: Faculty make participant selections early in fall semester and finalize course rosters by mid-October

Study Away Programs

The CAS Study Away Office offers over 70 semester programs and usually between 10-15 May Term travel courses each year. Opportunities are open to all majors/emphasis and provide students opportunities to study languages, conduct research, participate in internships, get involved in service learning and much more. Current study away program offerings include:

      • Category A programs: Programs in this category include U of R’s Salzburg Semester and all semester exchange and direct enroll options with partner universities. Students who meet program eligibility requirements will be accepted; only acceptance limitation is if we receive more applications than number of exchange spaces available with an exchange partner. Detailed information about our international campus in Salzburg can be found here:
      • Category B programs: Programs in this category are through partner organizations. Students who meet program eligibility requirements will be accepted.
      • Category C programs: Programs in this category have limited enrollment. Applicants to these programs must select a second choice program from either Category A or B in their study away application. Limited enrollment is due to the number of spaces made available to U of R or due to the cost of program. The enrollment cap for each Category C program can be found in the program description in our list of programs. All Category C applications are reviewed by a committee. This process can be very competitive. Students should research and know that their second choice option is also a viable option, as they will be awarded that option if not selected for their first choice Category C program.
      • Off list options: On limited occasions, students may be granted permission to study away through an unapproved program. Information on complete petition process for approval of an off-list program can be found here. In their non-approved program request essay, students must explain and justify why no program on the approved list satisfies their academic, intellectual, and personal goals and how the program for which they are requesting permission does. Applications for off-list programs must be submitted by December 1st. Applications are reviewed by a committee who make a recommendation of approve or deny. The CAS Dean makes final decisions on all non-approved requests in light of committee recommendations and in consultation with the Director of Study Away.

When Should a Student Study Away?

Students may need assistance in determining when study away may work best for them during their time at Redlands. Are there terms that are better for them to study away with their intended major(s)/minor(s)/emphasis? Are they involved in athletics, campus leadership positions, etc. that may impact what terms they are eligible to study away?  

The CAS Study Away Office offers programs during:

  • May Term
  • Fall semester
  • Spring semester
  • Academic Year: All undergraduate students are eligible for a single semester of study away as part of their University of Redlands’ education. The University provides two options for students considering studying away for longer than a semester.
    • Salzburg Plus One: Students who have enrolled in the Salzburg Semester program are permitted to study abroad for a second semester with a program from among our  Category A or B program offerings. Students must indicate in their study away application their intent to participate in the Salzburg Plus One program and identify their second semester program. No additional application materials are needed.
    • A limited number of students interested in study away for a full academic year may be selected for yearlong study away. Students must indicate in their study away application their intent to study away for a full year and submit additional essays in which they develop an exceptionally strong academic rationale for a full year abroad. Number selected depends on study away budget, number of applications, student rationale for yearlong opportunity and logistical feasibility if proposing study in two different countries. Applications reviewed by a committee. Process is competitive.

Students should check out the CAS Study Away website and attend study away information sessions and events to learn more about study away programs, the application process and funding study away. Students can also contact our Study Away Ambassadors or returned students for a student perspective on study away.

Study Away Application Process

Semester programs: This is a two-step process:

  • Student must complete U of R study away application by December 1st deadline – U of R application requires approval from a student’s academic advisor. Here is the study away academic advisor approval form that needs to be completed by the student and advisor and uploaded into the student’s study away application. Students requesting a full year abroad, an off list program or the Salzburg Plus One program indicate this in their U of R application and submit any required additional materials.
  • Once accepted by U of R, student must complete their program specific study abroad application – deadlines for this vary by program – a few programs require a faculty recommendation.

May Term: Application process is determined by faculty course leader.

How Study Away Courses are Recorded at Redlands

Semester programs:

  • Salzburg program – all courses taken on the Salzburg program are U of R courses and treated as regular U of R courses. Students are enrolled in the specific courses they are taking in Salzburg. Student does not need to get courses approved. Learn more about how to advise on the Salzburg program here.
  • Courses taken through all other approved U of R study away programs are recorded with grades on the student's academic transcript, included in cumulative GPA calculation, and count towards credits required for graduation. Courses on programs approved by the Study Away Office are transcripted as University of Redlands work, once transcripts are received by the Registrar’s Office. Courses taken for the Liberal Arts Inquiry and for the major or minor must be taken for a letter or numerical grade. It is the student's responsibility to have courses taken during a study away experience pre-approved for application to the student's academic program at Redlands; this process is outlined on the Registrar’s webpage -
  • Students who take a Leave of Absence from the University to participate on a non-approved study away program may receive transfer credit for coursework completed on their study away program. Students should work with the Registrar’s Office on transfer of credit prior to participating on the program.

May Term travel courses: Courses are reviewed by the curriculum committee and students are enrolled in appropriate U of R course for May Term.

Cost of Study Away

The CAS Study Away Office can assist with any questions about study away costs and/or scholarships. General overview of study away costs:

Semester study away program costs: The University of Redlands has long maintained a regular on-campus semester fee structure for CAS undergraduate students who study away for an academic term. This financial structure is an equity-based model which maximizes the possibility of all students electing to spend a semester living and learning away from campus and in a distinct culture. Financial aid (minus work awards) is applied to the semester study away fee. Student accounts are charged Redlands tuition, Redlands room (cost of a double occupancy room), Redlands board (cost of 14 weekly meal plan), ASUR fee and International health insurance. Student out-of-pocket student expenses include Passport costs, student visa (if applicable), airfare, immunizations (if applicable), books, refundable housing deposits, independent travel during program, personal expenses, etc.

May Term travel course costs: Course fees vary due to course length, location of course, and what is included in the course fee (usually housing, some meals, some excursions, health insurance (international courses only)). Student out of pocket costs usually include airfare, visas (if needed), some meals, personal spending, etc.

Additional scholarships (U of R grants, program scholarships and national scholarships) are available to assist students with the additional costs associated with study away.

CAS Study Away Staff and Contact Information

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Please contact us to schedule classroom presentations, information sessions or to get any questions answered!

Email:     Phone: 909.748.8044       Instagram: @uofrcasstudyaway