Passports & Visas


You are required to have a valid passport to study away on programs outside the U.S. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the end date of your program. Resources for how to apply for or renew a passport can be found here. Passport processing times take several weeks (routine service is 6-8 weeks, not including mailing times and expedited service can take 2-3 weeks, with an addtional cost). Apply now if you need a new passport.

You can now also select the gender you would like printed on your passport (F), (M) or (X). Instructions on how to select your gender marker can be found here.


Visas are an official authorization appended to a passport, permitting entry into and travel within a particular country or region. Many countries require students participating on study away programs to obtain a visa to legally study in their country. The process can be time consuming and varies by country. Oftentimes, students must travel to the country's consulate or embassy in the U.S. for a visa appointment and the consulate may retain your passport for the duration of time it takes them to process your student visa. Your study away program will let you know if a student visa is required and what the application process and timeline is. 

It is a student's responsibility to obtain the student visa for their study away program.  Programs will provide students with detailed instructions on how to apply for the student visa. Students must carefully follow the instructions and timelines given by programs to secure their student visas.