Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why should I study away?

Studying away is a unique opportunity that provides many great benefits to a student and their academic trajectory. Students will gain a global perspective on their major/minor/emphasis. Opportunities exist for students to conduct research, complete an internship, and/or participate in service-learning experiences on programs. These opportunities allow students to network, immerse themselves in the local culture and make lifelong friends.

Spending time abroad is also a great way to build foreign language skills and improve intercultural communication skills. Research shows that students who have studied abroad tend to find their first job faster than students who have not studied abroad and returned study abroad students report earning on average $7,000 more in starting salaries than students who did not study away.

When can I study away and for how long?

CAS Study Away offers semester-long programs and May Term travel courses. Students can participate on multiple May Term travel courses in addition to participating on a semester-long program. More information on our program offerings can be found here: May Term courses, Salzburg Semester program, and Semester-Long programs.

The University has limited options for students to be able to study away for up to two semesters. Information on how to study away for an academic year can be found on our How to Apply to Semester-Long Programs page.

How do I apply?

Visit our How to Apply page for information on how to apply to our May Term travel courses and our semester-long programs.

Do I need to speak another language to study away?

Eligibility requirements vary by program. Many of our semester programs do not have a language requirement but do require that a student studies the local language while on the program. If there is a language requirement for a particular program, it will clearly be outlined under eligibility requirements on the program-specific page. 


Language Eligibility Example.png

Does the College of Arts and Sciences offer summer study away opportunities?

No, the CAS Study Away Office only offers programs during fall semester, spring semester and May Term.

How do I choose a program?

CAS Study Away offers a variety of programs that allow students to complete U of R credits while studying away. Students should start by reviewing our over 60 semester-long study away programs and 8-15 May Term travel courses to see what courses or programs appeal to them. Students can follow this video for tips on how to search our database of semester-long programs. Students also need to work with their academic advisor to determine when the best time would be for them to study away and what types of courses they should look to fulfill on their study away program. 

Can I talk to students about their study away experiences?

Yes, visit our student ambassador page to connect with returned students.

How do I learn about events and upcoming deadlines?

Follow the CAS Study Away Office on Instagram @UofRCASStudyAway (turn on post notifications) and check our Events page.

Can international students study away?

Yes, international students can participate in study away. International students will have a couple of additional steps in their study away process. Students need to be in touch with Redlands’ International Student Advisor to understand requirements and processes regarding participating on a program in another country and what needs to be done to return successfully to Redlands to complete their degrees. Student visa requirements to study away may be different for international students than for US citizens.

Can DACAmented and undocumented students study away?

Students with DACA status may be able to study away outside the United States with advance parole. This process requires extra steps, we encourage DACA students to meet with the Director of CAS Study Away as early as possible to discuss the process and timelines.

DACAmented and undocumented students may wish to pursue one of our domestic study away programs. Our full list of our semester program offerings can be found here.

Academic Questions

Do I have enough time to study away and finish my degree on time?

Yes, study away can fit into your academic plan and allow you to finish your degree on time. Visit our Academics Resource page and check out our Academic Planning video that shows a student's perspective on this process for more information.

Are there particular programs for my major?

Our semester-long program database is searchable by academic discipline. By searching by academic disciple, students can find programs that are suited to certain majors or academic areas of interest. Students should always discuss their program choices with their academic advisors to ensure that the program will be a good fit. Check out this video to learn how to search the program database.

Can I fulfill major requirements while studying away?

Yes, students can fulfill major requirements on study away programs. To get courses approved for major credit, students must have the course reviewed and evaluated by the Chair of the specific academic department. Instructions on this process can be found on our Academics Resources page. 

How many credits do I need to take on a semester-long program?

This will vary by program. Students should take the equivalent of 15-16 semester credits on their program to stay on track to graduate in four years.

Will my study away grades be calculated into my Redlands GPA?

All grades earned from study away are calculated into a student’s cumulative GPA at Redlands.

Financial Questions

How much does study away cost?

Visit our Study Away Costs page to learn more about semester study away fees and out-of-pocket expenses for a semester away. Information about May Term travel course fees can be found on the individual May Term travel course webpages.

Check out our study away student video series to learn more about study away fees and costs!

Are there scholarships and grants that can help me fund my study away program?

Visit our Study Away Scholarships and Grants page and video to learn more about scholarship and grant opportunities, application deadlines and more. The CAS Study Away Office provides monthly Scholarship and Budgeting workshops and collaborates with the Writing Center to help students submit successful study away scholarship applications.

If I have to withdraw from study away, what fees will I incur?

The University will pass along any withdrawal fee/unrecoverable costs from a program to a student, once a student confirms their withdrawal from a program or course.