Salzburg Faculty Fellows Program

A key feature of the Salzburg Semester has been CAS faculty journeying to Salzburg and offering courses that our undergrads can take during their semester abroad. Those interested in being a Salzburg Faculty Fellow for a semester will have their teaching in Salzburg counted in-load.

Application for fall 2025 and spring 2026 Salzburg Faculty Fellow position can be found here; deadline is April 1, 2024. Application is also relevant for faculty applying to May Term 2026 (2 spots).

All applications will be evaluated by the Salzburg Advisory Board. In coordination with the Salzburg Director, Katie Baber, this faculty group will make its recommendation to the CAS Dean's Office and Office of Global Education.

Below are details regarding the Salzburg Faculty Fellows Program:

Semester Semester Teaching

Faculty Fellows will teach two blocks of the Salzburg Semester in Fall or Spring. Teaching will commence 4-5 weeks after the start of the University of Redlands semester. It will cover 8 weeks, including a block (4 weeks) prior to the Salzburg Fall or Spring Break and another block (4 weeks) after the break. Faculty Fellows should propose teaching that ideally takes advantage of the Austrian, European, international, or global nature of the Salzburg Program and/or its nature as an interdisciplinary program in the arts and humanities. 

The Salzburg Semester curriculum can be found here:

Faculty Fellow Compensation and Covered Expenses

  • Faculty Fellows will receive their regular University of Redlands pay while they are teaching in Salzburg.
  • Economy class travel directly to and from Salzburg, Austria, will be covered for the Faculty Fellow.
  • Accommodation at the program facility at Mönchsberg 21 will be provided (a European queen-sized bed in an en-suite room with a shared kitchen) including half-board (breakfast and lunch, Monday through Thursday).
  • Weekend meal stipends will be provided for up to 7 weeks.
  • The Faculty Fellow is invited (but not required) to participate in one of the two longer group excursions, one of which takes place immediately before the beginning of their course and the other which occurs in the second half of their course.

Teaching Obligation

The eight-week instructional period for a Salzburg topics course (SALZ 360) runs from mid-October or mid-February to the end of the semester. The other two courses in a typical semester load will need to be covered in a budget neutral
fashion, as agreed to by the faculty member, department/program chair, and CAS Dean.

Faculty are encouraged to consider creative options for both course coverage and
instruction in Salzburg, in consultation with the Salzburg Director.  For example, an overload in the fall semester and a May term course could offset a faculty fellowship in the spring semester. Alternately, hybrid or online instructional
modes could be used to maintain the rest of the faculty member’s teaching load
during the semester of the fellowship.

It is also expected that the faculty fellow will actively engage in recruitment efforts for the Salzburg Semester in cooperation with the Study Away Office. They should also be ready share their activities abroad with other faculty and staff (e.g. through Faculty Forum). Former fellows may also be asked to serve on the Salzburg Advisory Board.

Questions about applying?

Anyone interested in applying to be a faculty fellow is encouraged to consult with the Salzburg Director, Katie Baber, as well as former faculty fellows and Austrian faculty members. A list of faculty fellows and contact information for the Austrian faculty can be found at the Salzburg Semester webpage: