How to apply

Step 1: Complete the University of Redlands Study Away Application

You must complete the University of Redlands study away application by the December 1st deadline (application will close at 11:59 p.m. PST). This deadline is for both the fall and spring semesters and no late applications will be accepted, except for the Salzburg program. Late applications can be accepted for Salzburg, providing the program is not at capacity. Study away applications are due during the fall semester of the academic year prior to your plans to study away. The U of R will let you know of your application status by early February.

You can only complete one semester long study away application. The U of R study away application can be found in the program brochure for the specific program you are applying to in our approved list of programs. You must upload a signed and completed  academic advisor approval form, CAS Study Away Release and Waiver of Liability  and CAS Study Away Program Agreement into your application. 

Note: A $40 study away application fee that will be charged to your student account a few weeks after you complete your study away application.

Step 2: Complete Program Specific Study Away Application

Once approved by the University of Redlands to study away, you must confirm your intent to study away and complete the U of R's post-acceptance requirements in the study away portal.

You will then be directed to complete your program specific study away application, if it is required for your study away program. You should also apply to program specific scholarships, if available, at this time.

You must complete all program specific applications by the U of R deadlines listed below:

Fall 2023: March 1, 2023 (some programs may be given an earlier or later deadline)

Spring 2024: July 15, 2023 (some programs may be given an earlier or later deadline)

The CAS Study Away Office will complete any required study away advisor approval forms and provide the program with your U of R official transcript.

Note: Once accepted by the specific program, you are responsible for completing any program specific post acceptance forms. You should also notify the CAS Study Away Office of your program acceptance by emailing

Interested in Studying Away for an Academic Year?

All undergraduate students are eligible for a single semester of study away as part of their University of Redlands’ education. The University does provide two options for students considering studying away for longer a semester.

Option 1: Salzburg Plus One

This programs allows students participate for one semester in our Salzburg semester program and a second semester on one of our Category A or B programs. Students must answer yes to the Salzburg Plus One question in their study away application, then indicate their desired second study away program. No additional application materials need to be submitted with your study away application for the Salzburg Plus One program. 

Option 2: Petition to Study Away for an Academic Year

A limited number of students may be selected for yearlong study away. Yearlong study away proposals can only be approved for programs during consecutive semesters in an academic year (August to June) not during a calendar year (January to December) or over multiple academic years. Students must answer yes to the Petition Request for Full Year Study Away question in their study away application. Students will then be prompted to submit additional essays in which they need to provide an exceptionally strong academic rationale for a full year abroad.

This process is competitive. The number of students selected to study away for an academic year depends on many factors including number of yearlong applications received, strength of student application and their rationale for yearlong opportunity and logistical feasibility if proposing study in two different countries. Applications are reviewed by a committee.

Interested in Studying Away on an Non-Approved Program?

On limited occasions, students may be granted permission to study away through a program not on our approved program list.

Non-Approved Program Request Process

In order to submit a request to participate on a non-approved program, students must still complete the U of R study away application. Students will need to select a program from the approved program list and complete the application to that program. Students should carefully consider the approved program they are applying to as this is the program to which they will be accepted/denied should their non-approved request be unsuccessful. After completing the approved program application, students must complete the non-approved request form; students must use their Redlands account to complete this form. The essay should be up to 800 words and must explain and justify why no program on the approved list satisfies their academic, intellectual, and personal goals and how the program for which they are requesting permission does. Students are also required to discuss their request with their academic advisor before submitting the form. Both the study away application and non-approved request form are due by the December 1st application deadline. No late submissions will be accepted.

A Study Away Committee will review all requests and make a recommendation of approve or deny. The CAS Dean makes final decisions on all non-approved requests in light of committee recommendations and in consultation with the Director of Study Away. The CAS Study Away Office will inform students of the status of their requests by early February.

Students interested in enrolling in programs not on the approved list and do not get approval to participate on a non-approved program through the CAS Study Away Office can take a leave of absence from the University and participate in the program as an independent student. Students should be aware of the academic and financial consequences of any such decision.