College of Arts and Sciences Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Whether a CAS undergraduate student is considering or knows they need to withdraw (WDL) or take a leave of absence (LOA), they should submit the information requested here.

Within three business days of submission, a Student Affairs staff member will reach out to schedule a meeting with the student, explore options, and guide them through their decision-making. Should it be determined that a WDL or LOA is best, the staff member will assume responsibility for providing proper and timely notice to the Registrar’s Office, who in turn will notify other relevant offices. An LOA or WDL is only official when this meeting has taken place and notification has been provided.

Per University policy, during a student’s leave of absence, their official records remain active, as does their email address. Students returning from a leave of absence within one year are not required to be formally readmitted. Students will be expected to fulfill the graduation requirements in effect at the date of their original matriculation. Students who do not return from a leave of absence within one year are withdrawn from the University. To return, they must be formally readmitted.

Withdrawal from the University is the permanent separation of the student from the University. Should a withdrawn student want to return to the University, they will have to apply for admission.

If you are a CAS undergraduate student and have immediate questions, please contact Student Affairs at 909.748.8281.