Top Girls

by Caryl Churchill
March 16 - 18 & 23-25, 2018

Marlene is celebrating her promotion to Managing Director of the Top Girls Employment agency with the Victorian Traveler, Isabella Bird; the 13th century courtesan turned Buddhist nun, Lady Nijo; the hell-raiser Dull Gret from Bruegel's 16th-century painting; the 11th century Pope Joan; and Patient Griselda from The Canterbury Tales. These women become her co-workers clients and relatives as the play explores the price women pay for success. Considered by many one of the finest plays of post WWII Britain, the clever, deceptively entertaining Top Girls, written during the Thatcher years in Britain, still resonates today.

Director Delicia Turner Sonnenberg
Scenic Designer Leah Rammilano 
Costume Designer Brittany Dwornick
Lighting Designer Trevor Norton
Sound Designer Alessandra Trager
Stage Manager Daisy Navarro


The Cast

Sophia Morrow Marlene
Mariah Kennedy Waitress
Mia Connolly Isabella
Jen Lin Nijo
Katie Rodgers Dull Gret
Lise Bryn Pope Joan
Mrs. Kidd
Leigh Kilgus Griselda

"Top Girls" is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.