FALL 2015

2015 New Works Festival

Four original works written by University of Redland students and directed by Guest Director Ashley Sparks
October 2015

Little Shop of Horrors

Based on the film by Roger Corman
Screenplay by Charles Griffith
Directed by Chris Beach

The musical "Little Shop of Horrors," about a florist and a man eating plant. 

November 2015


The Servant of Two Masters

by Carlo Goldoni
Adapted and directed by John Achorn

March 2016

The Lost Vegas Series

by Julie Jensen
Directed by U of R students
Whitney Carter, Lilian Mitrev, Phillip Olson

The Lost Vegas Plays are an interwoven series of six short plays including: How Not to Get F***ed, The Greatest Love, We Kirk o' the Heather, the Liberace Museum, Away in a Manger, and Lion Tongue.

April  2016

MAY 2016

The Hamlet Project: A Surveillance Adaptation

Developed by Chris Beach and Doug Hammett

Set in a dystopian war torn desert geography, Denmark is now Saleem, and Fortinbras is Amadee and he is bent on revenge.  The new king Claudius is desperate to keep his crumbling kingdom under his control and he uses spies, drones, tracking devices, and surveillance to keep ahead of his enemies.  Unfortunately, everyone else is using the same tools.  Young Hamlet seeks decisive evidence to avenge his murdered father, but every step of the way he loses each advantage. Puppets, live and prerecorded projections, cell phones and cameras give the play its illusion of facts, evidence and knowledge. But some things are well beyond our control. 

Open Rehearsal May 26, 2016 at 7:00 PM 
Frederick Loewe Theatre