The Theatre Arts Building

The Theatre Arts Building is part of the Center for the Arts, which includes 42,000 square feet of space for the art, art history, and theatre programs. The Theatre Arts Department facilities, which include the original 326-seat Glenn Wallichs Theater and 55-seat Student Black Box, also features the Frederick Loewe Theatre, a 50' x 50' laboratory performance space designed to support a variety of audience/performer relationships and more innovative, developmental, and experimental theatre works. The Theatre Arts Building also includes specially designed, technology-enhanced theatre classrooms, new faculty offices, and community space.

Glenn Wallichs Theatre

Proscenium style theatre - holding 326 seats for mainstage shows. 

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Frederick Loewe Theatre

Blackbox Theatre - holding over 100 seats, interchangeable to fit each production or laboratory performance. 

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"Rabbit Hole" Blackbox Theatre

Small black box theatre named the "Rabbit Hole". Used for extracurricular performances, projects, performances, classes, rehearsals, and student work. Can be reserved as needed. 

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Classrooms & More

In addition to the following classrooms, this building also has:

  • Design classroom: used for Stage Design Fundamentals, Sceneography, Lighting Design, & more. 
  • Seminar Room: main conference style room used for production meetings, faculty meetings, etc. 
  • Green room/kitchen: Common area for students to gather between performances & rehearsals, classes, and meetings. 
  • Scene Shop: There are 2 scene shops - 1 attached to the Frederick Loewe Theatre and 1 attached to the Glen Wallichs Theatre. 
  • Production Office: Used specifically for stage managers to use during the run of their show.  

Performance Classroom - 210

Main classroom used for any performance style course: Acting Fundamentals, Acting Techiques, Voice & Movement, Directing, etc. Can also be used for rehearsals and can be reserved as needed. 

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Academic Classroom - 203

Main classroom used for lecture style courses: Playwriting, Theatre Techniques, Theatre Management, Senior Seminar, etc. 

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