Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Theatre department (Theatre Arts and Theatre Business) of the University of Redlands is committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment for the community that it serves, including students, staff, faculty, and our audiences on campus and in the Redlands community. We embrace difference as a key building block in our work as artists and citizens while recognizing that developing a more diverse and inclusive environment does not happen by chance or positive thinking. Diversity and inclusion require intentional, conscious efforts in all the many areas that academic theatre operates including, but not limited to, curriculum, faculty, staff, students, production, season planning, casting, and guest artists.

We are committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion in our Theatre department. We will strive to carry out this commitment according to the University of Redlands understanding of diversity which includes sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, class, nationality, religion, race/ethnicity, veteran status and other important groups.