The New Works Festival 2015

Four Original Works by University Students

Young love. Young heartbreak. Where were you the first time you had your heart really broken? The first time you stumbled to be truly honest about your feelings - even though you knew it may hurt or shock the other person? The workshop production of these plays gives us little glimmers of young writers who are striving to go to the messy places of love. The places where we don't know what to say, where we blurt out the unimaginable, and where the ghosts of our past rattle the windows of the present. Love is a process  and so is playwriting.  These dynamically different plays explore finding the truth and finding the story. We invite you to go on a journey with us, sharing your own stories of love and
reflecting back to the makers what moves, confuses, and surprises you in these plays. 

 - Ashley Sparks, Director

Stalled  by Jessica Ackerson
First Time by Lilian Mitrev

by Amanda Speidel
music/lyrics by Julia Smith & Alyssa Reamy

The House by Mariah Kennedy


Director Ashley Sparks
Production Designer Mariana Cassia
Lighting Designers Jack Bueermann
Megan Carava
Sound Designer Mark Caspary
Assistant Director Alyssa Reamy
Stage Manager Elena Luine


The Casts


Sharlene Sarah Smallman
Harper Allison Torrance 
Esat Rexhepi




First Time

James Kevin Mitchell
Alice Lise Laerdal Bryn


Emma Julia Smith

The House

Adam Sawyer Patterson
Lily Arianne Irucuta
Woman Allison Torrance
Men Kevin Mitchell
Esat Rexhepi