New Works Festival 2017

December 1 & 2, 2017 at 8:00 PM

Directed by Elizabeth Bell-Haynes

Three very talented students have created an audience excursion through the modern world. Firewall, an innovative parable, takes us on a kaleidoscopic journey through internet dating and the struggle of trying to see a real person amidst the clutter of pretense. Two Choices, a morality tale, with female and male casts exploring the question: "who really deserves to see the light?" And a hard-hitting symbolic comedic happening that lampoons the current political landscape in The Death of the Pig King. These are funny, heart-rendering, and daring adventures that await you.
          -Elizabeth Bell-Haynes 

Death to the Pig King by Alana DeBelina

Frank Jereck Perez
William Thomas Cone
Kane Ishiyama
Pig King Brandon Leavitt
Katie Sarah McMahon
Maria Daisy Navarro
Javier David Puma
She-yonce Kelly Sandoval


Firewall: A Guide to Falling in Love on the Internet by Anna Klein

Paige Lise Bryn
Malcom Noah Delano
Online Malcom Brandon Leavitt
Online Paige Katie Rodgers
Madeline Liana Rudin
Female Players Talia Adams
Adaneth Jasso
Kelly Sandoval
Male Players Thomas Cone
Kane Ishiyama 


Two Choices by Genevieve Garibaldi

Harris Gerardo Gamez
Pete Jereck Perez


Harriet Margaret Stoops
Pat Jennifer Thurman


Plays were developed in the Theatre Arts Playwriting course in Spring 2017, taught by Keli Garrett