Our Seniors

Our majors study from a variety of backgrounds, interests, and future goals. No background is assumed or privileged.

As a program in an academic study of religion our courses explore religions from many perspectives including: history, literature and language, sociology, spirituality and ethics.

This breadth of study can be seen in the second majors many religious studies majors pursue. Recent double majors include Sociology and Anthropology, English, Political Science, Economics, Environmental Studies, Philosophy, Musical Performance, and Communicative Sciences.

Religious Studies Students are encouraged to bring their two majors together in their senior capstone papers. This can be seen in the titles of the capstones by Religious Studies Major ‘21.

2021 Senior Capstone Titles Corresponding Major(s)
Religion and Epidemics: How Faith-based Organizations Have Responded to Covid-19 Religious Studies & Economics
The Holy Trinity: Using Neuroscience, Neurotheology, and Psychology to Explore Religion and Religious/Spiritual Experience Religious Studies & Psychology
Honoring the Otherized Body: Theorizing Biblical Portrayals of Disability Religious Studies & Sociology and Anthropology
Religion and Religious/Spiritual Experiences Religious Studies & English Literature
The Intersection Between Art and Secular Spirituality Religious Studies & Music
Matthew, Revelation, and the Roman Empire  Religious Studies & Liberal Studies
The Women Who Paved the Way Religious Studies