Religious Studies

Can you understand the world you live in without studying religion? Probably not. Underlying most human endeavors – whether politics, business, medicine, psychology, family life and personal fulfillment-is a complex array of religious beliefs, spiritual yearning and existential questions.

The study of religious traditions explores the religious beliefs, actions and cultural practices of individuals and communities across the world and throughout history.

Through the course of their studies, our students gain an inter-cultural literacy and an appreciation for the worldviews of other peoples and cultures, as well as their own.

Religious Studies courses offer you a variety of disciplinary perspectives on religion, including the spiritual, historical, literary, ethical, doctrinal, contemplative and social dimensions of religious people and cultures.

Engaging the study of religions through academic inquiry, we seek to generate respect for the religious lives of all traditions.

While many students find the study of religion fruitful for reflecting on their own religious identity, no particular religious position is privileged or assumed in any of our courses.