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Below are advising and budgeting forms and other department resources you may find helpful.

Advising Forms

Issuing an Alert in Navigate (AKA: Academic Status Report)
Issuing an Alert in Navigate provides a quick way of alerting the right people regarding problems a student may be having, such as poor attendance, failing to turn in work, or failing grades in exams or other assignments.
To be used for students with illness or some other extraordinary circumstance to request an “I” (or incomplete) grade so that they can take additional time to finish remaining course requirements.

Budgets and Funding Requests

Professional Development and Travel Request Form
To be used for faculty to request funds for professional development and/or travel.

Application for Support of Student Travel
To be used for students to request funds for travel.

Grant Routing Form

To be used for routing grant proposals.

Field Trips

Field Trip Request Form
To be submitted by faculty for approval prior to field trips.

Field Trip Participant's Release and Waiver of Liability Form
To be completed by faculty and students prior to field trip.

General Education

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